Nude Nails and Roses

That is a funky title for an average day. I realize I didn’t post anything last night but you’ll have to forgive me – I had a horrible headache which was exacerbated by the fact my bridge ladies kept trumping my good tricks. Vicious. The ladies, not the headache.

Today I hit the ground running. Okay, not actually “running” cause that would involve exercise, but I did get a lot of stuff done. Moon was getting out of school at noon and I wanted to get some things accomplished before picking her up. I wrote, worked on ads, read the Bible, and basically did everything I needed to do except watch more episodes of Orphan Black, but hey, a girl has to pace herself amiright?

Since I was done with work, and Moon was done with school, I thought we could use a little bonding time, so we headed to the nail salon. Moon went with something fresh and young in teal, while I chose this:

I call it Mud.

Target was next. Tomorrow is Moon’s last walk down the 5th grade hall, so we bought some flowers for her to hand out to special teachers, friends in lower grades, etc. And I finally broke down and bought a sock bun thingy.

Moon’s going to rock it like a Kardashian tomorrow.

Unless I screw it up, then she’ll be rocking the Edna Garrett.


One thought on “Nude Nails and Roses

  1. She will be beautiful with either one that give her. I want to see a picture.

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