Now I know I’m doing something right!

Rachel has a nightly prayer list – a friend that wants a baby, a Christian husband for another, that Arumai, a baby in India, will be healed, the lost, etc. Tonight she ended with this – “and Lord, thank you for my family, my grandparents, my birth family, my birth mom, all the people that love me, and RUSH LIMBAUGH. Amen.”


I would not be embarrassed if someone wants to nominate me as Mother of the Year.

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One thought on “Now I know I’m doing something right!

  1. Love that Rachel is still praying for Arumai! That blesses me. However, the fact that she prays for Rush Limbaugh throws me for a loop. Ha ha. Love your blog, good reading! Give that Rachel a hug all the way from India!

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