No Comparison

So Spring Break happened. I’ve never been so glad that my daughter isn’t on Facebook as I was this week. Sure, I thought our trip to the Gone With The Wind museum was fun, but I didn’t know how it would compare to the trips that our friends had taken to the beach, Washington DC, or Disney. Right now all Moon knows is that she got out of school which is good enough, but what happens if she starts comparing us to other parents? You know, the ones who do cool things?

I’ve been thinking about comparison a lot lately. Unfortunately for Moon, I AM on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and every other website in the world and I see kids all of the time that are doing SPECTACULAR things. A few months ago I saw a 14 year old boy giving a speech to a room full of adults. He was so well spoken that I immediately starting thinking, “We need to have more CONVERSATION at our house. Moon needs to take elocution classes!” That’s a real thing, right?

Before I could sign her up for those, I saw three brothers playing in a bluegrass band. The youngest was 10 and I thought, “Moon has got to start practicing the cello more! She’s never going to get a scholarship with ten minutes a day. Good parents would make her play more.”

Before I could get her extra lessons at the music shop, I saw a story about a kid who was an awesome soccer player/chef/singer/writer blah, blah, BLAH. It never ends! When I was young, the only kids that my mom compared me to were my cousins Ginger and Lisa Dawn and lucky for me that were as ridiculous as I was. There was great freedom in not having to live up to some SUPER KID standard.


Me and Ginger being equally awesome.

Me and Ginger being equally ordinary.

When did growing up get so serious? I remember when playing was the point. Making the varsity was exciting enough and no one was disappointed that the Olympic Committee wouldn’t be calling. That’s a real thing, right?

I’ve decided to get off the comparison train. No more pressure to be THAT parent with THAT kid. God has a plan for Moon and has instilled her with everything she needs to grow into that promise. I’m sure she’ll do fine, even WITH parents who think going to a museum based on a movie qualifies as a vacation.

Hey, it’s not like Ginger or Lisa Dawn took their kids anywhere special.

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  1. Moon got to visit with baby chickens, play with Matti, help with a vintage fashion show, see her 101 year old grandmother and 96 year old grandfather and take a surprise trip to McMinnville that was much better than those trips.

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