Night-time Battles *UPDATE*


In case you feel sorry for Jay Leno, let’s look back at what he said on his show in 2004, when he announced that he’d be turning the show over to Conan in 5 years:

“When I took this show over, boy there was a lot of animosity between me and Dave, and who’s gonna get it, and quite frankly, a lot of, what I thought, well good friendships were permanently damaged. And I don’t want to see anybody ever have to go through that again. Because, you know this show is like a dynasty, you hold it, and then you hand it off to the next person. And I don’t wanna see all the fighting and all the ‘who’s better’ and nasty things back and forth in the press, so right now, here it is, Conan, it’s yours, see you in 5 years buddy. Clear enough?”

Sigh. Boo, Jay, BOO!

JD and I are deep thinkers and have intense intellectual debates about important issues of the day. Which is why I can tell you that it is with much thought and deliberation that we hereby announce that we are on Team Coco.


Poor Conan, given a job for a mere 7 months, then publicly humiliated as his show is ripped away from him and given to that mean Jay Leno. It’s like being dumped on your honeymoon for the crazy ex-wife that left you for a younger man.

And only getting THIRTY MILLION dollars in alimony.

I don’t know how he’ll survive it.

8 thoughts on “Night-time Battles *UPDATE*

  1. I am not a deep thinker so I am on team Leno because he is very funny and Coco only has that ugly hair.

  2. Maybe I’m not a “deep thinker”, but I don’t get this analogy:

    “It’s like being dumped on your honeymoon for the crazy ex-wife that left you for a younger man.”

    If I have an ex-wife then I am more than likely a male (not always). So you’re saying my new wife has decided to become a lesbian (while on our honeymoon), also my crazy ex-wife has decided she no longer likes the younger man she left me for, and has now also decided to become a lesbian.

    Then, by coincidence, both of these new lesbians happen to meet up during my honeymoon and hook up?

    Or are we all lesbians? That would make more sense I guess, but I’m not sure why my crazy ex-wife left me for a younger man. Am I an old woman and she was having doubts of her gender preference?

    I’m confused.

  3. OK I think I have it now.

    I’m a guy and my wife left me for a man. I was so distraught that I became a homosexual. I then remarried a guy and went on a honeymoon. While on the honeymoon my new gay lover had doubts of his gender preference and happened to run into my ex-wife (who decided she no longer liked the younger man she left me for). They hit it off and decided they were meant for each other.

    So now I’m a bitter sexually confused man with a empty hotel room and a few days left on my honeymoon….. and thirty million dollars.

    Got it.

  4. Say you’re a woman, I know it’s hard to imagine, but try. And you get married in a lavish, televised wedding. THEN the 1st Mrs. Smart Alec wants to come back, cause see, you’re the 2nd wife. So your husband, let’s call him NBC, takes back the ex and dumps YOU. And gives you 30 million dollars. There are no lesbians. What are you doing with the lesbo talk, trying to get my hits to skyrocket??

    Good job there.

  5. Well that explanation makes sense if taken alone. But, when combined with your original analogy it’s as confusing as ever.

    You should re-read your original analogy. There has to be at least one gay in your example…… possibly three.

    “It’s like being dumped on your honeymoon for the crazy ex-wife that left you for a younger man.”

    It says the crazy ex-wife left you for a younger man.

    If I’m a woman, why do I have a crazy ex-wife that left me for a younger man? I have to be a lesbian.

    If I’m a man, why does my current wife dump me for my ex-wife? Is she a lesbian?

    Can you draw a picture of all three parties involved and label who’s who?

    Maybe that would clear things up.

  6. Ammo Man and Zolligirl are both crazy I hope that Sister doesn’t catch what they have come down with. It must be the Atlanta weather.

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