New Year’s Resolution #3 – Spend more money


I’ve spent the last year trying to spend less, and let me just say, it stinks. I’m not a big spender anyway, preferring yard sales to retail, but this year I realized something vitally important: I don’t look so good. Those great bargains I’ve found over the summer aren’t so great when they don’t fit, aren’t the right color, or have tiny stains. There’s probably a REASON they were selling the Gap t-shirt for .50 cents, and it might be because puke green doesn’t look good on ANYBODY. Especially women of a certain age and weight. Face it, it is a small and you are NOT.

So bring on 2010. I’m 15 minutes from the Mall and I’ve got a brand new credit card. I’m going to get my hair done a week before it needs it, instead of three weeks past. I’m paying someone to wax my eyebrows, getting new glasses and shopping retail.  I’m going to  break through the stranglehold of cheapness that’s had me in it’s grip for an entire year and spend more money on me, my family, and my house. We are going to look GOOD. Or be broke by March. Whichever.


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution #3 – Spend more money

  1. Awesome! Doing your part to help us pull out of the recession! Putting more dollars back into circulation!

    Heyyyyyy, maybe it was Team Tyre’s fault that spending was down in 2009, which led to retailers cutting back, businesses closing, people losing jobs and ultimatley…the mortgage crises and housing market crash. You guys were probably behind Enron too.

    Feel EVEN better about your 2010 resolution?

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