New Year’s Resolution #2

Since yesterday’s resolution was met with such praise, “It’s all about YOU, It’s selfish, Spending money? that’s IT?“, I thought I would continue with my lovely, carefully thought-out resolutions.

As a side bar, have you seen Julie/Julia? We watched it a couple of days ago and loved it. Did you know my mother has a small part in the film? She plays the mother of the blogger. Watch for her.

Back to business. My New Year’s #2 is – More Water!


Obviously, I don’t mean to actually DRINK it. Ewww. I hate water. Well, a vodka tonic is not so bad, but otherwise it’s so plain! I’m talking about water as in floating on, splashing with, skiing across, boating on top of – LAKE water! My dear, dear, beloved friend John has offered to sell me his boat and trailer at a VERY low price. He even said I could make payments if I wanted. It’s almost like he WANTS to get rid of it.

Whatever. I’m going to be ZolliGirl H2O in 2010.

My husband says it’s a good thing my Resolution #3 was to spend more money. See? The lake – it brings everyone together.

One thought on “New Year’s Resolution #2

  1. I remember all the trips to the lake and being towed back to shore. I am sure you will have a lot of the same wonderful memories.

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