New TV Season’s Greetings

How am I supposed to find time to blog when the fall television schedule has started in such grand fashion? Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, and Revenge have all started and I’ve still got Scandal and Grimm to look forward to. As you can see, I’m going to be very busy the next few months.

Speaking of busy – this weekend about did me in. Saturday, JD shot a wedding for a friend of mine, and of course, I helped. He doesn’t DO weddings, but since it was everything he likes in one – a beautiful bride, less than a dozen guests, and a gorgeous venue – he agreed. We like things simple. Also, easy. But despite the fact that there were only 11 adults it almost killed us. He was there for 8 hours, me for 6, and I could barely walk afterward. Apparently standing is now an extreme sport for me.

Sunday, we skipped church. Well, we skipped “organized religion”, and opted instead to have HOME church. This is where we read a book of the bible and then talk about it while Moon picks up the remote and fiddles with it constantly so that she won’t miss any of her show the second we finish. It was a step up from last Sunday’s constant nose-blowing, and no one from the church called to say how sorry they were we weren’t there, so I guess it was the right choice for everyone involved.

After church, I drove across town to play tennis. It was actually an extension of “home church”, because I was praying the ENTIRE time. I had a new partner for the day, and while we lost the first set, we managed to miraculously win the next two. Seriously, I have no idea how other than Jesus took pity on us. Which does not explain why he hasn’t taken pity on me all the other 97 million times I’ve begged for help on the tennis court, but I’ll take what I can get.

Now, after a whole day of standing and three sets of tennis, I am officially whooped. It’s time to get in the shower, brush my teeth and jump in the bed. And by “jump in the bed”, I mean watch the premier of the new show, Betrayal. That free hour in my schedule was really starting to mess with me.

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