Networking Till You Puke

The Social Media Marketing World conference is awesome if you want to learn about social media, but it stinks as a diet plan. Case in point – breakfast. When it said “Continental” I assumed it would be some crappy bagel and cereal buffet, but no. How am I supposed to resist Cage-free, scrambled eggs, onion, arugula, bacon and Fontina cheese with mustard on a crispy French baguette? I’m not.

Because I don’t know myself at all, a month ago when I registered for the conference, I asked forĀ  a Gluten-free lunch. Which was a bit confusing to the server and everyone at my table when I ate 3 rolls while waiting for it to be brought out.

As much as I ate for breakfast and lunch, it didn’t even come close to what I had for dinner. John wanted to eat at one of his favorites, Lou and Micky’s. Check out the MENU and imagine me yelling FORTY EIGHT DOLLARS FOR A STEAK??? My company liaison INSISTED on paying, and ordering for everyone, also that I shut up about it. Which is how I ended up eating oysters, a salad, a steak, macaroni and cheese, and grilled asparagus.

My stomach STILL hurts.

After dinner there was a cruise around the bay but since it didn’t get back to shore until 11 pm, also known as 2 am Atlanta time, we skipped it. I came back to the hotel and fell straight into bed.

I am learning SO much and I’m having such a great time, I hate for it to end.

When I get back I’m going to update my Google Plus page, use SlideShare, create some podcasts, upload a few YouTube videos, create more interest in my Pinterest, revamp my Linkedin page, do a few Facebook promotions, create better content, build an online following and create real community online.

Right after I buy a bigger, reinforced, chair to support my butt’s networking habit.

One thought on “Networking Till You Puke

  1. I’m so excited that you went to this conference. I get all the knowledge, no cost involved. However, I think I gained a few pounds just reading about what you ate.

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