Neighborly Love

I’ve realized my posts are basically a Dear Diary recap of my day. Maybe I should just wear a head-cam and let you guys share in all the fun in real time. This morning you would have seen me wasting time on the computer until we barely had time to go to the gym. By the time we got there, we only had a few minutes to work out before we had to leave again. Darn.

JD wanted to get home quickly so he could blah blah blah on the computer, but I needed to stop by Walmart because my daughter has out grown every single thing in her closet. The kid wore MY pea coat to school today. I had to buy her some new underwear. The other day she was running around complaining she couldn’t find a bra. JD told her he’d seen “a tiny, black one” in the bathroom. Yeah, that was mine. Thanks, Honey!

We finally made it home and into the office and it was as exciting as it sounds. I worked, I cleaned house, I packed for the weekend. I’m going to Ellijay for the weekend with Lori Parker. We’re SUPPOSED to be there for a Board retreat where I’m doing an hour and a half on board governance, but last time we traveled together was for a Christian leadership conference and that didn’t stop us from laughing so hard Lori peed her pants. Twice.

I was in the middle of packing, clothes and snacks everywhere, when someone knocked at the door. Normally, I would have gotten my gun and popped a few rounds through the wood, but my elderly neighbor HAD mentioned she might come by this week. Lucky for her she also mentioned she might be carrying a plateful of candy.

And then I ate like I’d never seen food before. Maybe a head-cam is not such a good idea after all.

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