I’ve been holding my computer on my lap for an hour, waiting for inspiration to strike, but I got nothing. I know that’s disappointing after yesterday’s uplifting post about our impending death, but there are days where nothing exciting happens – not even the discovery of a dead rat.

Today I didn’t buy anything fun, attempt to bake anything good, or see anyone get fired in the middle of  a Georgia Satellites song. I DID crank out a couple of ads, go to Publix and buy more flour, and visit with my bible study group.That last one was interesting, but I’m not allowed to tell you anything that’s said so you’ll have to guess who is super-holy and who drank draft beer Saturday night. It’s a mystery!

I also wrapped two presents, so that makes a grand total of two that are wrapped and under the tree. I’ve been ordering things online, and then I promptly forget, so every day brings a new surprise in the mail. I would tell you what we got Moon, but she’s old enough to read now, so let’s just say it’s awesome. Mainly because JD traded a photo for it, which means we didn’t actually have to spend cash, yay! It’s not anything Moon has asked for, but again, NO CASH.

I still have stocking stuffers to purchase, and I need to buy gifts for 14 or so more people. FOURTEEN. Hmm. Here’s a math question for you:

If a is the amount of money I expect to spend, and b is the number of gifts I need to buy, and the equation is ab=$14.00 where will I do most of my Christmas shopping?

If you leave the correct answer in the comments, you might be one of the lucky people who gets a gift! Don’t be afraid to guess. Even the folks who get it wrong will get a consolation prize. Why do you think I bought more flour?

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  1. You can go to the Dollar Tree or you could just bake them something maybe biscuits that taste like cookies.

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