My Willpower Won’t

God help me if I ever try crack.

I must beĀ  the most delusional person in the world. Last night when I went to bed, I really planned my day like this:

Tomorrow, I’ll start my juice/raw diet.

Then I got up and realized that juicing would wake the whole house so I opted for a banana. Then I realized that I would not be home for lunch so I took some roasted corn and red pepper soup to eat. Then I got home and ate some leftover trout, 2 chicken Mcnuggets, some leftover spaghetti and washed it down with some wine.

Then I had ice cream.

But I will not be discouraged. I have a new plan – tomorrow I’m going to get up and EXERCISE, then start my juice/raw diet. I feel sure it’s totally gonna work this time.

One thought on “My Willpower Won’t

  1. I must have those filling too because I go toward the refrigerator all day. I am glad to know it is not my fault.

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