My Very Special Day

So, yesterday was my birthday and I’m not going to lie – it was pretty dang special. First of all, I slept until almost 8 o’clock. When I finally did roll out of bed, JD was waiting with a cup of coffee. While I surfed the internet, he got Moon’s lunch together, then took her to school so I could finish watching Pride and Prejudice. Best. Morning. Ever.

I did have to do some work, but I refused to shower, and worked at my desk in my pajamas. I took a long break at noon since JD made me a yummy lunch, then I worked another two hours, but lightly so as not to ruin the laid-back vibe I was cultivating.

JD went to get Moon and she and I spent a few minutes playing Barbies, then JD took her to tutoring. I plopped on the couch, watched a little Twilight vampire love, surfed the internet some more, and drank an American classic that was very popular the year I was born called The Screwdriver. I took phone calls, “liked” all the Facebook birthday wishes, and generally just lazed about eating potato-chips, ice-cream and anything else that crossed my path.

It was a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful-kind of day.

And exactly like every other day, but with more Facebook alerts.

2 thoughts on “My Very Special Day

  1. You didn’t answer my phone call around 9:15 last night. I guess you didn’t want to hear all the sweet things I was going to say about you. Love you!

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