My Sister – the Holy Spirit


What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit – truth, conviction, encouragement? Tania-the-Mad may just give Him a run for His money. Case in point, she called me yesterday before work, as per her usual, and we started talking about my latest blog post. I mentioned that I’d taken down that terrible Facebook picture and she laid some truth on me –

I wondered why you posted it. It wasn’t particularly flattering.

Okay, then. She didn’t, however, explain why she had LIKED the photo. Unless she “likes” that I’m ugly. Hmmm.

As we continued talking, I asked if she’d ever watched Lost, cause, you know, I’m addicted. She said, no and then threw out some conviction:

I don’t have time to watch TV. There’s always something to do, like clean the house.

Okay, then. Perhaps I ought to push a broom around, is that what you’re saying??

Finally, as we prepared to hang up, she offered encouragement:

Two out of three ain’t bad.

One thought on “My Sister – the Holy Spirit

  1. Why do you worry about what people say I never pay it any attention? I know they can’t be saying anything bad about me since I am always right.

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