My Sister is Spoiled

Tania the Mad called the other day. She’d spent the weekend on her yacht and was letting me know that she had skied, on ONE ski, even at the ripe old age of FIFTY. Skiing behind her boat is so easy. It’s one of those fancy kind with a big motor and a pole for your ski rope. ANYBODY can ski behind one of those.

Now, if you want a REAL challenge, you should do what I did today. Yes, I TOO skied on one. True, I’m much, much younger than my sister, but my boat has a tiny motor which means I had to hold on for approximately 22 seconds while my husband lay down on the throttle and I fought my way to the top of the water. My ski was made in 1982 and the rope was dragging in the water but still I managed! Cause I’m a winner.

On a side note, you know that muscle that runs up the back of your thigh and ends smack dab in the middle of your butt cheek? Mine fell out and is now laying on the bottom of Lake Allatoona.

Unfortunately, while I was skiing like a Cypress Garden’s professional, no one thought to take a picture. Whatever, I don’t do it for the glory. I do it for the children.

A lovely day was had by all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit on a bag of ice. I wonder if Tania will loan me her masseuse.

2 thoughts on “My Sister is Spoiled

  1. I think the girls were having a lot of fun. Your father always said not to bring us back crippled up when we skied as we got older.

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