My sister is scary…

which is why my blog has gone from creative posts about vodka and the increasing size of my butt, to Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays! She has THREE important people with special days in October. NOT that they aren’t special to me, but this is the 5th birthday post this month! And today’s shout-out is only ONE. ONE year old.


Awww. Sure she’s CUTE, but if I wanted to write about cute people, I’d just post my picture all day. Ka-Pow! ┬áBirthday Shout-outs were designed for a little light-hearted ribbing. You can’t make fun of a ONE YEAR OLD, for goodness sake.


Ha, Ha, look at the BABY, can’t keep her eyes open in the bath! See, it just doesn’t WORK.


Not to mention you’d have to face Tania-the-Mad, Matthan-the-Madman, Teresa-the-Terrible and Philip the Philistine! (Whatever. It was the best I could do.) ┬áDads and Grandparents don’t play.


Does this look like the face of a man who’d let you forget his daughter’s first birthday?


Seriously. My sister looks drunk with granniness. They are having a big party this weekend, where EVERYONE must wear a costume. I’m happy for little Mattie. I hope she has a GREAT birthday. And I won’t post any bad pictures or snarky comments about a one year old. I have my standards. But be warned.


TWO is a whole new ball game.

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