My Dad is Awesome

I went to the lake approximately 72,986 times between the ages of 6 and 18. Our boat wouldn’t start, stranded us in the middle of the lake, once contained snakes, and even ran OVER my dad. This is how he handled it –

Today, when my brother mentioned he’d like to take the boat to the lake to watch Rimfire ski, I was all for it! I’d spent the weekend with JD McGrumpyPuss but my brother – that would be awesome. JD didn’t grow up on the lake like us, he hadn’t learned from my DAD how to handle adversity.

I don’t know where it all went wrong.

AmmoGuy:  This is so aggravating.  I’m so glad I sold my boat. Why are there so many people? Where should we ski? Where do we pay? Why is the boat stuck in reverse?


I called my dad for help.

Me: Dad, we’re in the boat and it’s stuck in reverse and there’s a bunch of people, and the kids are upset cause they can’t ski.

Dad: Stop, you’re making me homesick.

Seriously, he’s AWESOME.

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