My Brother and Technology are Creepy

I was MUCH too busy today to show anyone love by eating a runny casserole. Besides, the only thing running was ME.

I got up and ran Moon to school, then ran back home to finish dressing, then to a meeting, which is where I realized my car was acting odd, so I ran back home, got the spare keys, ran over to where JD had left his truck, switched vehicles, ran to CPS to pick up some lights from Freebie Fran, then back home to do an ad, then back to pick up Moon, then home to feed the dogs, then to grab a bite before bridge, then bridge, then home.

My nephew was at my house for about 34 seconds and I was going to take him to his job, but then I got busy and we all decided it was best if he just walked. He was meeting someone at Walmart which is right across the street, so what could go wrong? It’s not like I didn’t check on him. I called my brother a few hours later to make sure he made it and that’s when I learned that AmmoGuy is like the poor man’s version of the NSA. He’s put some tracking app cleverly disguised as a “Find-Your-Phone” thing on everyone’s phone – his wife’s, my nephew’s, our DAD’s. It’s a little weird to call and say something about the family and have him tell me that dad is driving up the mountain and that if I wait 5 minutes I can call him at home!

Luckily, I don’t have an I-phone or I’m pretty sure he’d convince JD to track all of my travels. Which, despite what you’ve read above, is still probably way more exciting that my dad’s.

Speaking of my father, he and my mother are coming to town tomorrow for a few hours. If you want to keep up with my him, call AmmoGuy. You don’t need a special app to know where my mom and I will be, just a special website. ought to give you a fairly accurate idea.

4 thoughts on “My Brother and Technology are Creepy

  1. I tried that years ago on Jose. Unfortunately, the phone said you are being tracked by phone # ———–. Amazingly enough, that app somehow got uninstalled. Go figure.

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