My baking skills are awesome!

Rachel is having a birthday party on Saturday with her closest compadre, Jemi. The theme is “Mad Science” and I’m in charge of the cake. And it’s going to be cool – a beaker, every little scientist’s dream cake! Jemi’s mom, Jeanette asked me to make a “test” cake. What is up with HER? I think my skills are obvious. Man, I bet she feels silly.


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One thought on “My baking skills are awesome!

  1. Dr. Sara June 2, 2012 am30 1:12 mamnoon az halati ke migid raa ziyad nadidam magar inke bar asar pooshidan lebaashaye zir tang ya khoshki dahaneye majraye edraar bashd. ba tavajoh be inke man pezeshk nistam. toosiye mikonam ke yek motekhases orolozhist bebinid.

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