My Baby is Back!

Whew, it was a tough 2 days there, but my laptop is home from Mac Camp. Learn from me and never charge your phone using a cheap gas station charger and the USB port of your computer. The Mac dude originally said it was going to be a week to 12 days but I think the sobbing freakout in the showroom swayed him to put me to the front of the line. I dropped it off on Tuesday, moped around the house until I finally broke down and used my DESKTOP, and struggled to be productive using something called a “mouse”. Finally on Wednesday, it hit me. We own two OTHER laptops. Oh, yeah, I should just use one of those.

I’m not sure I would be blogging even if I had my laptop. JD was out of town this week so I’ve been flying solo. It wouldn’t be bad, but Moon has camp this week so I’ve been running her back and forth, then going to pick her up at a friends house or dropping said friend off, so I haven’t even had a second to sit down and enjoy a cocktail. What I’m saying is, I drink more when JD is around. Can I get an AMEN from the married ladies?

Anyway, back to my being super busy. I got up this morning and dragged Moon from the bed so we could get to horseback riding. THEN I picked up Rimfire, Baby A, and CK because I needed CK to come and clean out my basement. Those other two were just for fun. While CK was cleaning out a bunch of junk and throwing it into the dumpster I had delivered last week, I took Moon and her BFF to art camp. THEN I came home and took Freeda to the vet. She’s suffers from itchy skin, so we needed a few meds. THEN I went to pick up Moon and her BFF, drop off some things at Goodwill, get everybody a milkshake, pay CK, welcome JD home, and THEN run to the Mac store and pick up my baby. So, a bunch of unimportant stuff to fill my day, then my computer.

Now I’m off to sit on the couch, with my baby on my lap, and a long-awaited cocktail in my hand.

Me, a computer, a drink. What could go wrong?



2 thoughts on “My Baby is Back!

  1. you drink more when I’m around…..hmmmm….and that’s because I take some of the
    time pressure off of you, right? sure. that’s it.

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