My Apologies for Boring Content

Whoever said that “May you have an interesting life” was a curse, was obviously not a blogger. How’s a girl supposed to find something fun to blog about when her life consists of sitting on the couch and eating 4 pounds of hummus? If only there was something to be done. Oh, well.

At least I had the Game of Thrones dvd’s to keep me company. Since I’d already invested 9000 hours in reading the books, I thought I’d go ahead and watch the show. Let me just say that READING about be-headings and dwarfs having sex with prostitutes is a lot different than WATCHING be-headings and dwarfs having sex with prostitutes. Ask JD. He had no desire to read the books, but somehow the show managed to hold his interest. Evidently,women in the 7 Kingdoms had access to a gym and plenty of loofah.

After Thrones, I decided to continue my cleaning spree and tackle my bedroom. I dusted, I changed the linens, I swept,  I thought of ways the world could be better -like disposable flooring and no-shed dogs.  One of these days I’m going to think of something cool, something that will save women lots of time and help with cleaning. Until then, I’ll stick with JD.

My husband gets a lot of good PR by doing most of the cooking and laundry, but lately I’ve made dinner. Last night we had stuffed green peppers and a salad. The night before was quinoa and roasted red pepper soup. My cooking skills are average at best, but I am a World-Class kitchen wrecker. Which is why I’m all about the “I cook, you clean” rule at the Tyre House that I just implemented two days ago. Especially since I cooked rice and it might be a week or so before it softens in the pan enough to be washed away.

Finally, I got on the computer in time to see Rand Paul spend several hours talking about drones on C-SPAN. I helped the cause by posting a quip online, and getting into a Facebook political discussion on the constitutionality of killing American citizens.

In retrospect, I apologized too soon. Naked dwarfs and C-SPAN – it doesn’t get much more interesting than that.

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