Movin’ and Groovin’

Kittens, on some level this day was a success. I got up at 6:15 a.m., made myself comfortable on the couch and read my daily bible reading, then I wrote a couple of pages, and even exercised! I was showered and out the door by 9 a.m., and had already done more in one day than I usually do all week. I had THINGS to do, and I did them.  I even remembered that JD didn’t have a vehicle and that I needed to pick Moon up from school in time to actually get there on time.

So here’s a question. How do people do it?? I’m exhausted and have been ready for bed since 7:00 p.m. As soon as I got home with Moon, I threw on a robe, grabbed the television remote and a drink, and haven’t moved from the couch. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I did this every day. I’d be dead by 40. Or a few years later, whatEVER.

My house is a wreck, our laundry baskets are over-flowing, and my desk… Lord have mercy, my desk –

Today was so busy, and I am so tired, I almost didn’t have time to waste on the internet. Luckily, I found an online test to determine whether or not a person is tone deaf.

The test is here.

My score was in the 60’s. Spoiler alert – that’s not good. Maybe if I hadn’t gotten up so darn early, my ears wouldn’t be so tired.

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