Moron Test Kitchen – Toffee Fruit Dip AND a special Birthday Shout Out

Awww. Now this is how you RELAX. That’s right, while you’re reading this, I’m hanging in the mountains with my home girls playing BRIDGE. We’re probably in our matching pj’s, stuffed on biscuits/chicken/hotwings/brownies/insertfooditemhere right this minute. The husband is posting this for me. Or he’s deleting all my files and changing the passwords. Whichever.

I thought I’d try out a new recipe for the girls, cause I’m such a culinary genius. A friend brought this dip to tennis and it was so yummy that people were eating it with a spoon!


This is all you need – brown sugar, regular sugar, cream cheese, vanilla, and Heath toffee bits. Yeah, I buy ┬áthe Great Value brand. Don’t judge me.


Use 1 box of cream cheese. Then “cream” in 1/4 cup of white sugar. I hate recipes that call for “creaming” or “folding”. That sounds so pretentious. Why isn’t mixing it enough? And have you ever heard anyone say, “That was a great cake, but she totally creamed instead of folded.” I think not.


Then “fold” in a 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Mixing. creaming, folding, I’m a renegade.


Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla…


and half a bag of Heath toffee bits. Stir/mix until creamy. You can save a few bits to top with if you desire.


Serve with slices of apples. YUMMY. This was easy, affordable, and delicious. Moron Test Kitchen – A. Chances are high that at this very moment, I’m hiding in the kitchen eating this with a spoon, while the others are yelling, “Where’s the dummy go?”

Uh…Dummy – that’s bridge talk. Don’t read anything into it.

NOW, about that birthday…..

My friend Mantamy posted a comment that I had forgotten her husband’s birthday is also in October. And she was TOTALLY kidding. But as is the way at Zolligirl, any comment or suggestion is considered an invitation to blog about said commenter. And their spouses. So I want to take a moment and say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend MantaGreg.


When you dive with sharks, swim with killer whales, traverse volcanoes at night, dive under the ice at the North Pole while someone has to stay up top with a hatchet to keep the hole from freezing over AND get your cuts stitched up by Russian, ex-KGB agents with little more than a needle and fishing line while far out at sea* – you might want to celebrate every birthday you see.

Happy Day, MantaGreg! You made it to another one!

*All true. And more. I don’t seem so crazy now, do I?

2 thoughts on “Moron Test Kitchen – Toffee Fruit Dip AND a special Birthday Shout Out

  1. This is from Mantagreg or as Amy refers to me “Gregorgonian”. Thanks for the shout out. I have had a blessed and lucky (as in lucky I am still alive) life. Have fun with your girls. See you soon.

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