Moron Test Kitchen – Snow Cream

I haven’t made this since I was a little girl in Z-Town. I had to call my sister to get the recipe. This is what she said:

Snow, vanilla, sugar and milk.

She’s very busy and couldn’t be bothered to give exact measurements. Luckily, I called my best-friend Google. Google loves me. She always there for me. ¬†Where were you when I was growing up, Google? When I needed a friend, a kind ear? It could have been so different.

Whatever. Let’s start with snow.


I have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to snow. I don’t want to know where you got it, I just need a bowl full of the stuff, preferably white. Let’s not dwell on air pollution, or germs, and for pete’s sake don’t mention the DOGS.


To 1 gallon of snow, Google said to add 1 cup of sugar…


1 tablespoon of vanilla extract…


2 cups of milk…


and stir until creamy. Enjoy.


Awww. Look at that smile. Moron Test Grade: A! The taste was yummy and the experience was fun. It was a little chilly for dessert, but I’m going to remember this recipe. It will be awesome in July.

7 thoughts on “Moron Test Kitchen – Snow Cream

  1. I’m so happy at least one child got to experience snow cream! Luke did NOT because his Dad said toooo many germs and pollutants in it! What does he think Lukes eats everyday from a can! Oh brother! But, he’ll be at work tomorrow! LOL

  2. I tried to call to see if you got snow – my question is answered. The only information I have is to stay away from yellow snow.

  3. Y’all aren’t the only ones who got snow. Us Savannians got us a blanket last night! I made my first snow angel and had my first snowball fight. Sadly, Frosty wasn’t able to join us. I hope God knew what he was doing when he sent us snow because I am expexting snow now for every single winter from here on out.

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