Moron Test Kitchen – Raw Chocolate Pudding

Sounds yummy, amiright? This is a clean eating recipe that my friend KEEKLE gave me. I’ve modified it as I am wont to do.

Here’s what you need:

One RIPE avocado chopped into chunks. If it’s not ripe, it will leave tiny green specks in your pudding. It doesn’t taste bad, but some people find that unappealing.

One banana, chopped into chunks.

3/4 cup of coconut milk. Keekle actually said to use 1/4 cup but it made the pudding a little to thick for my taste.

2 tablespoons of cocoa and liquid stevia to taste.

Put everything in a blender and mix until smooth.

Voila! This tastes like – banana chocolate pudding. Seriously. It doesn’t taste like avocado at all, and is actually very good! I made the mistake of putting too much stevia in the first batch I made and it had a bitter after-taste. Save that for last and put in a little at a time. Some recipes call for agave nectar instead, or even a cup of maple syrup. Play around with it.

Moron test grade – A. Sure I’m grading on a curve ’cause it’s RAW and I haven’t eaten real sugar in 10 days, but still. It’s CHOCOLATE.

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