Moron Test Kitchen Poll

I’m trying to decide what to make for all of the Super Bowl parties I’ve not been invited to. Whatever. I’ve got a TV and I can watch Peyton Manning whip up on the Saints from the comfort of my own couch. That’s right, I’m for the COLTS. For three reasons – ) the Manning’s seem very nice, 2) the Saints colors (black and gold) are ugly and remind me of a high school rival – York, and 3) every time Reggie Bush scores they show Kim Kardashian and she annoys me.

Back to the appetizers. What should I try? I’ve narrowed it down to these choices:

1.  Sun Dried Tomato Cheesecake


I had never heard of this until this past weekend. A very nice lady at the bridge club came over and asked if I’d take her recipe to my mother-in-law, because she had been asking for it for MONTHS and that it was soooo good. Braggart.  I said, “sure”, then totally forgot until I found it in my purse yesterday. Oh well, I should probably try it before I send it. Old people have been known to lie.

2.Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Things


From Pioneer Woman, of course. They look delish, and I’m pretty sure that eating things that could kill you is a Super Bowl tradition.

3. Texas Caviar


Looks like high-falutin salsa to me, but I like the name.

4. Dill Pickle Bites


Not only does this look easy, but with dill pickle and white bread, the AWESOMENESS must be off the chart!

I can’t decide, so I’m leaving it up to you. Say you were HAVING a party, and that I was invited, what would you like me to bring? Just leave a comment. And if you wanted to add your address and a time the game would be on, that would work too.

4 thoughts on “Moron Test Kitchen Poll

  1. Bring me to your party! I’ll be an awesome appetixer! I’ll give you and your Colts fans a mouthful of Saint’s Pride!!!

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