Moron Test Kitchen – Goat Cheese Roll

Take that, Mom! Even though my mother said the Moron Test Kitchen is her LEAST favorite, I felt strongly about trying out this recipe. It’s been calling out to me for awhile now, ever since last Monday when I said I’d bring an appetizer to Rock Band/Ladies Night and Kathryn stole my bread idea. I’ll be blogging about Rock Band with the LADIES THAT GO TO CHURCH BUT ARE SO NOT CHURCH LADIES ALA DANA CARVEY later.

Needing a quick and easy recipe – I headed straight for The Pioneer Woman. She RAVES about this:


Okay, I’m going to keep it simple.  Go to the store, I chose Walmart, and buy 2 rolls of goat cheese. Stick it in the freezer for a few minutes to get it firm. Cut up tiny shards of fresh dill, and roll the cheese around in it. Then do the same for the other roll, only use paprika.



And when your daughter asks if she can help, say “No, you’ll break it”. This is all about learning from my mistakes.

Roll it in some plastic wrap and chill until the party, no longer than 2 hours. Serve with crackers.

goatcheesesYou know, IF I’d had my flash on, instead of trying to hand hold my camera for  2 seconds, these would have looked really similar!  My dill DOES  look a little mangy; whatever, the LTGTCBASNTCLADC seemed to like it. I was pleasantly surprised. I tried the goat cheese by itself and it tasted like poo, but once I put the stuff on it, and spread it on a cracker, it was yummy. Moron Test Grade – A+. The A is for ease and taste, the + was for the added benefit of aggravating my mother.

Come to think of it, this might be my favorite recipe all year.

6 thoughts on “Moron Test Kitchen – Goat Cheese Roll

  1. You can make that when I visit. I am also wondering when Fay will comment since she really likes the recipe segment.

  2. How does one who is lactose intolerant make/eat so many items made of CHEESE?!? I am glad Moron Test Kitchen is bacccccck. Yay.

  3. You ROCK with rock band AND with cooking! The goat cheese roll was so good I’m keeping this recipe (like I can really cook???!?!?) ha, ha!

    Okay, now I want to hear how proud you are of me. I am actually blogging! Okay, maybe not really blogging, but at least I’m on your site and commenting. Does that count?

  4. I thought the first picture was a picture of your creations! Yours looked just like the Pioneer Woman’s.

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