Moron Test Kitchen – Fancy Pants Brownies

The MoonPie had a Brownie meeting today and we were in charge of snacks. So we made brownies. Hey, if they like them enough to name their group after them, I might as well bring some for a treat. I found this recipe a few months ago on Bakerella.

It starts with a Brownie mix. I LOVE a recipe that starts with a mix. Prepare per the instructions on the box. I don’t want to give the plot away but it involves water, oil and 2 eggs.

Stir FIFTY times. This is why I love boxed mixes. Seriously! Not 49, not till it seems right, FIFTY. I can count to fifty. If it doesn’t work, it’s their fault.

Pour into a greased pan. But wait, there’s more!

Now make THIS according to the directions. There are only two other ingredients – SPOILER ALERT – an egg and butter.

Get a brownie to stir until smooth. Don’t mind the sneezing and runny nose. What are the chances she’ll infect the entire troop? Exactly. We’re willing to take the chance.

Make into little things resembling balls and stuff them into the brownie mix.

Bake per the instructions on the Brownie Mix – 28 minutes at 350 degrees.  Now – the FUN part.

We make Ganache. I love to make Ganache, mainly cause I like saying, “ganache”.  So, put 3/4 cup whipping cream and 6 tablespoons of butter in a saucepan. Remove from heat just BEFORE it starts to boil.

Pour 12 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate morsels in a bag.

Pour the butter/cream mixture over the morsels and let stand for 20 seconds.

YUM. Stir into smooth. Or until you get bored.

So your brownie/cookie mix should be cooled by now. My husband took the pan outside and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Try that and see if it works. Unless it’s hot outside, in which case I have no idea what you’d do. Wait I guess. Whenever your mixture is cool, pour the ganache over it. Now wait again. You have to let the ganache set-up. I think 20 minutes ought to do it. I don’t really know cause we threw some foil on ours and raced it to the Girl Scout meeting.

Moron Test Grade – I’m GUESSING an A. The troop all ate several helpings and JD has given it the thumbs up. I am an idiot who did not realize Girl Scout cookies would be arriving and gave up sweets for Lent! I was really hating that decision today. Then JD and I went out for dinner and I ordered a big glass of Merlot and realized it could have been so much worse.

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