Moron test kitchen – Corn Casserole

Okay, I KNOW that PW is a crutch and I should totally go somewhere new for recipes, but my IN-LAWS were in town this weekend and I didn’t have time to surf the Internet for random concoctions just to please my THREE readers. Two of which are related. So there.

I started with 9 ears of corn. They were only .10 cents each at Target and my father-in-law shucked them for me while I was at tennis. He DIDN’T take pictures of the process. I’m sure you’ve seen it done. Let’s move on.


Get a deep bowl and a knife. Cut the kernels off the corn. This was easy.


Then take a butter knife and scrape the cob, getting all the juicy corn milk out and into the bowl. This was a PAIN. My bicep was killing me by the end. I should drop the P90X and just make corn casserole for a week.


Clean off the toaster oven that was behind your bowl. The corn cob juice really flies.


Clean your stove and all pans in the area. Notice your fire extinguisher and quickly run through what to do for when you catch your kitchen on fire. Note you thought “when” and not “if”.


Pour approximately 2/3 cup of heavy whipping cream into the bowl. Just enough to cover the kernels. Add 3 large pats of butter, salt and pepper. Pour into a baking pan and bake at 350 degrees for 30 – 45 minutes.


Sigh. I had such high hopes for this recipe, mainly because it involved heavy whipping cream. I once made ganache with heavy whipping cream and it was YUMOLA, so I always associate the two. Alas, corn casserole is NOT ganache.

It was just OKAY. I thought it was good, but I’m not sure it was worth all the effort. I may make it again using canned corn and see if the taste is noticably different. I’m giving it a Moron Test Grade of B MINUS.

The B is for the taste. The minus is for hurting my biceps; I don’t need a vegetable making me feel bad about my fitness level.

Before I got married, my mother-in-law had a get together with her bridge ladies and they all presented me with their favorite recipes. ┬áNext week I’m going to try one of them. It’s been 12 years so I guess it’s time.

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  1. Hey Lisa,
    Love the blog! Hilarious!
    And FYI you should ask Carolyn for our family’s recipe for “corn casserole.” easy, delish and did i mention easy?

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