More advice because it worked so well before

Last week, we had a REALLY bad day of homeschooling. It went something like this:

Me: Do your schoolwork.


Me: (Twenty minutes later) Why are you stirring your juice with your pencil? Get to work.

MP: Okay, okay, I AM!

Me: (FOUR hours later) You’ve only written TWO sentences? It’s been FOUR hours. Get to work.


We finally finished at bedtime. This is the point where I renounced homeschooling and searched online for all private, Christian school in the surrounding area and did a cost analysis on each. Then I decided to give homeschooling another chance.

I was lamenting my day to a dear friend who insisted I come right over so she could give me this book:


Believe or not, it does not involve a lobotomy. Anyway, so far, so good. For the past two days, she’s been finished with schoolwork by NOON, has had a great attitude and is keeping her bedroom clean! And all with very little prompting from me. I highly recommend it.

Now if he would only write one for dogs!

2 thoughts on “More advice because it worked so well before

  1. Too late for me the kids have left home but if he does write the book for cats and dogs I want the first one.

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