Monday? It’s been nice, now buh-bye.

Life could not BE more exciting. If you consider playing Words with Friends in your underwear exciting. I stayed up late last night finishing my FIFTH Jack Reacher novel in about seven days. Obsess much? I’m not even sure why I’m reading them, since thrillers are not my genre of choice typically. Anyway, I finished about 1 a.m. and swore I wouldn’t buy another one for at least two weeks. The Nook has been put away where I can’t get to it unless I get off the couch and walk across the room. Not. Likely.

I recognize that my Forty Days to Fabulosity TM has turned into Moments Away from FATtastic but there is nothing to be done. My all-meat diet of Vienna sausages and bacon is not producing the results for which I’d hoped. Odd. *After I got all of my real work done, I wrote about 1000 words on my NEW novel which I’m sure will be a big hit once I figure out the other 66,000 words I need to be done. It’s guaranteed to be a hit because it starts with a BANG. And by “bang” I mean the main character gets shots in the head.

Would you like to pre-order yours now?

Once Moon was home, we got straight to homework which included studying her SPELLING words. I would love to tell you how she did on her spelling test, but I got out the Mr. Clean and sniffed it until the memory faded. The good news is I finally found a USE for my cleaning supplies.

Finally, I finished up the evening by playing bridge. It was a great night in that every time I bid a suit, Patty would have about 7 of them. Unfortunately, she was the opponent. And just when I thought it was all over, I came home to find the GOP debate on.

Can you buy Mr. Clean by the barrel?

*In case anyone from work is reading this, let’s assume EVERYTHING is done on personal time.

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