Monday Is Here. Again.

This is going to be rambling and will probably end up nowhere, but I am still catching up from my week long visit to “learning.” My brain hurts.

I think Mondays should be like the 13th floor in a hotel – non-existent. But then again I pretty much feel like all work-days should be eliminated. Which is why, with the entire Christian Leadership Alliance bookstore at my disposal, I chose this:

I can’t decide, should I do one hour for four days, or just suck it up and do the whole four hours at once? I’ve only skimmed it so far, but it has a great tip – check email twice a day ONLY. That would be roughly forty times fewer than normal. The thought is that when you check emails, you get caught up in OTHER people’s projects, or lives, which leads you to forgo your own “to-do” list and waste time. And by “other people” I mean “BOSSES”.

I might waste time. Earlier today I started thinking about what I’d wear to the Oscars if I were ever nominated for anything, and realizing that I probably won’t be able to convince Michael Kors to donate a dress, searched online for off-the-rack gowns. Forty minutes is not too long for dreaming, is it? Then I spent another 15 trying to figure out how to download the images so I could show you, but I gave up. Let’s just say it was at Neiman Marcus and I’m going to need $6,000 dollars. Plus shoe money.

I also might have wasted some time watching The Celebrity Apprentice. Man, those girls are harsh! I could so win Celebrity Apprentice if I wanted to. And if I happened to be a celebrity. Maybe with all the time I’m going to save by just working four hours a week, I can figure out how to be famous.

What did you think I was going to use my extra time for, cleaning?

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