Weekend Review, as I remember it.

Is it me or does the weekend go by a lot faster than say, the Monday/Tuesday combo?

Last year, I made the mistake of putting my mother’s name on the email list of a Marietta estate-sale company, so now she knows what’s happening in town and why I should DEFINITELY go. I talked JD into going with me with promises of “coffee” and “Whole Foods”. Which is how we came to be first in line at the home of a recently deceased pack-rat with tons of costume jewelry. It is a GOOD thing my mother wasn’t in town, or I’m sure she would have spent my entire inheritance. The fact that she could spend my entire inheritance on costume jewelry where the average price was $3.00 is telling.

After the sale, we went as promised to Whole Foods, or as it’s commonly called around here -Whole WALLET. We were in search of oysters for a surprise birthday/oyster roast we were throwing for my friend John. This was the best kind of surprise parties – it was at HIS house,which means I didn’t have to clean MINE. I am an awesome friend. John’s girlfriend had taken him out of town on Friday, then on Saturday they were going to come back to his house for a quick wardrobe change, and off to more birthday fun. Surprise! There are twenty people in your living room!

We had oysters, hotdogs, hamburgers, slaw, potato salad, beans, chips, watermelon, peach and mango margaritas, and a cake from Gabriel’s.

It was a perfect day. At least I believe so. I might have had a margarita or seven, then come home and crashed face-first into bed.

Sunday we went to church which was non-eventful except for the short video they showed before the sermon. A few weeks ago, those of us who work with the children were notified that a videographer would be there, filming us. Kittens, when I tell you I looked AWFUL, please just know, I am not being humble. Me, early morning, fluorescent lighting, and apparently a video camera that only has a telephoto lens, does not equal pretty. It equals this –

Afterward, we went to lunch and I drowned my pain in carbohydrates. Then came home and crashed face-first into bed.

Maybe that’s why weekends go so fast, I’m asleep for most of it.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun week-end. You did look pretty bad in that picture. I am glad to know there is a Whole Food store close I was looking for one now I can just send you.

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