Men are not smarter now

I went cycling today with my friend Kathryn. Normally I’d say that I went bike riding, but that’s too sweet sounding for the torture I endured. This was no leisurely, pedal/coast with a basket on the front ride, this was 14 miles of burning thighs, waiting on my lungs to collapse.

Anyway. It made my hiney hurt.  This is what the seat on my bike looks like –


It’s not exactly  like sitting on an overstuffed sofa. Kathryn’s is even worse. It looks something like this –


Ouch. So I joked that I was going to buy a really big, cushy seat, and Kathryn (because compared to hers it IS) says, “you already have one.” 

Then I come home and tell my husband all about our ride, and our hineys, and my seat, and what Kathryn said, and he looks at me all AGHAST, and says, completely serious – “Was she talking about your BUTT?”

And now I have to wonder. She did see my from behind.

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