Meeting the Standard

This is conference week at Moon’s school and yesterday, JD and I had the chance to sit with her teacher and get an update on Moon’s progress. It went as expected – things she does well, things she needs to work on, blah, blah, blah. Don’t get me wrong – we LOVE Moon’s teacher, and I’m thrilled that there weren’t serious issues, but 4th grade isn’t giving me the same heart palpitations like 3rd grade did. Primarily because it’s not a pass/fail year with the CRCT and Team Tyre doesn’t get stressed about stuff unless we have to.  Moon’s teacher praised her attitude, saying she was super sweet and kind. To which I said, DUH. I was only disappointed in one thing.

She didn’t mention what a sharp dresser Moon is. Geez, lady, open your eyes!

One thought on “Meeting the Standard

  1. She didn’t mention being a sharp dress because she was thinking how thin and sharp a dresser that you were.

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