Medieval Kenieval

I love to read historical fiction – it’s where I get all of my information. Did you know one of King Henry the 8th’s mistresses dabbled in the dark arts? Okay, that may or may not be true – I got it from one of the hundred Tudor romance books I’ve read, but it makes for an interesting story. I’ll read pretty much anything, from books set in 1100 AD to Pride and Prejudice. One of my favorites a few years ago was Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth. It is a great book and I was really excited to find it on Netflix as a mini-series. Here’s the deal – the book is great, the movie is just LIKE the book, except there’s a large number of naked people.

Apparently, there wasn’t a lot of modesty in the medieval years.

I suppose the book had a lot of hanky panky too, but there weren’t pictures, and I’m sure I skimmed right over those scenes. It’s a little difficult to miss on the t.v. I had two alternating thoughts every time they’d show a couple in the throes of passion – 1) Eww, they don’t look like they’ve bathed in MONTHS, and 2) You know that actor and actress just MET. How embarrassing.

Lest you think my book/TV choices are a waste – here are a few things I’ve learned over the years from reading historical fiction – being a woman sucked, being poor REALLY sucked, marry in this order -Duke, Viscount, Marquess, Earl, Baronet and Baron, the Tower is where everyone goes to prison, men wore cravats and tights and still got lots of ladies, and never, ever, EVER marry King Henry the 8th.

You’re welcome.

3 thoughts on “Medieval Kenieval

  1. Title is misleading. I was expecting a post about a knight jumping his stallion over 15 wagons at Ceasars Palace.

    Anyhoo…… if you like “Pillars”, check out “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”. It’s on Netflix and was also created by Starz. Just be prepared for nudity Roman style.

    Starz is also working on a new miniseries about Camelot. It should hit Netflix next year.

  2. Maybe. I like stories that end well, and I’m pretty sure Spartacus doesn’t. Which is why I’ve never watched Braveheart – there, I said it.

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