Lucky or Unlucky

Lucky for Aunt Ann, I decided NOT to do any birthday shout-outs this year. It was way too much pressure not to FORGET anyone, and I barely remember to dress everyday.

Unlucky for her, I was way too tired by the time I sat down in front of this blog to come up with anything else.

LUCKY for her, I couldn’t find all of the vintage photos I’d scanned last year. I know I have some of her sporting shorts and bee hive hair.

Unlucky for her, I was able to grab some from her daughter’s Facebook page.

LUCKY for her, her daughter only put a few online for me to steal.

Unlucky for Aunt Faye, she’s in most of them too.

Lucky for ME, Aunt Faye’s birthday is very close to Ann’s. Unlucky for me, it was in January. Sigh.

Happy Birthday, Aunties!

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