Lovely, Still (A Holy Sunday Post)

I love Netflix. One of the great things about streaming video is that I can instantly watch movies, and because I can quit easily if I don’t like something, I can try random titles. Tonight I watched Lovely, Still starring Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn. ┬áIt was very sweet, about two elderly people who meet and fall in love. Of course, there’s a big surprise in the movie, but you’ll just have to watch and see.

All of that to say, I love elderly people. The other night we went to our local retirement community for a Christmas party. It was an upscale event, with lots of family and friends. As we were leaving, I noticed three ladies sitting together, watching the entertainment. If they had family attending, I never saw them. So I sent Rachel over. It took her all of about three seconds, and then the hugging began. I love that she is not only not afraid of seniors, but that she really digs them.

It occurs to me that a lot of elderly people may be lonely this Christmas. Look around – find someone old- reach out to them this Christmas.

And I don’t count.

Enjoy your Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Lovely, Still (A Holy Sunday Post)

  1. Ashleigh is like that; loves the elderly and the young. It’s just everyone in between that get’s on her nerves. It’s odd how she has all of a sudden really gotten to love M on the Mountain. Go figure..

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