Looking Forward to Monday

Wow. I’ve been on the road and out of town for about a week and a half and I never thought I’d say this but, I’m ready for a work day. After Bridge Camp on the Island, I came home, spent a quick day enjoying the 4th, then hit the road again with AmmoGuy. Here’s a tip on traveling with AmmoGuy: don’t. JUST because I had to stop and use the bathroom once or twice on the way there, and JUST because the girls had to stop and use the bathroom once or twice on the way back, he’s suddenly decided to ban all liquids from upcoming trips until further notice.  I miss the old days when men drank beer while they drove, guaranteeing at least one stop every hour.

AmmoGuy and I took our clan to Zolicoffer for the Lewis family reunion. It’s always fun, but this year made me want to move back home. My mother couldn’t go to the reunion because she had plans with her sister, so I mentioned that she didn’t need to make anything, that I would fix a watermelon salad. When I got to town, my aunt Fay called and told me that she’d made one FOR ME, so not to worry about it. Obviously, she’s eaten my cooking. Even so, how AWESOME is that?? It’s like I have my own support staff designed to make me look good!

My hero!

My family is nothing if not supportive. Moon had a wardrobe malfunction when her flip-flop broke and Aunt Ann saved the day with a pair from her car.

Moon's hero

Well, MOST of my family. My Uncle Danny was a little late to the event, and when he came to sit beside me, I greeted him with a big HELLO. And he said,

Wow. You look older.

Uncle Danny is not pictured because I threw him off the Standing Stone State Park bridge.

I hope Danny can swim.

Somehow in all of the hoopla, the group volunteered my cousin Karen as the coordinator for next year’s event. She immediately designated ME as her assistant and I came home and got right to work by creating a Facebook group so everyone can communicate. And by “everyone”, I mean except Danny or AmmoGuy, and if you tell them you’re OUT of the group.

4 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Monday

  1. It is good to start the day with a good laugh. I am looking forward to next year.

  2. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect one to make it past the first county without a bathroom break.

  3. Hey, Ellery, I’m glad that somebody else has noticed the bladder issues I have been traveling with for so many years….just be glad you weren’t carrying dogs, too. No wonder it takes 4 hours+ to get to Livingston….

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