Looking for Adventure?

Have you heard about the QUILT TRAIL? That’s right, you can drive around and see PAINTED replicas of quilts.

Uh, that’s it.

We would like to invite you to drive along the Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Putnam County, Tennessee. The Trail is a very scenic driving tour of approximately 11 miles, which can take two hours at a leisurely pace.

Follow the map and see the beautiful and historic barns owned by local farm families, that have quilt patterns painted on 8’ x 8’ wood squares. The blocks are replicas of treasured family quilts made by local women. In painting their favorite patterns on barns, we are honoring local quilters who are well known for their skills of using every piece of scrap fabric to create a beautiful work of art that is also a useful item in the home.

I understand that old quilts are historic and exciting and that looking at the fine craftsmanship is zzzzzzz. Oops, I dozed off there for a second. Seriously, who wants a painting of a quilt on their property? Why would anyone even want to see that?

Oh, never mind.

Mom: Well, not everyone thinks going to INDIA is exciting.

5 thoughts on “Looking for Adventure?

  1. I love my Sugar Loaf quilt square – I have a picture of my father when he was about five standing in front of a quilt just like this. I guess you don’t want the one I have in my cedar chest.

  2. One good thing about going on the quilt trail is it doesn’t require getting in shots for the trip.

  3. Eliese Broome – These are some of the best pictures I have ever seen! I can feel the love, joy, and cooisaspmn through each one. I am in awe! Congratulations to to Brian and Sara! They are both absolutely wonderful people and parents with the most beautiful children I have ever seen! xoxox

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