Live Steaming

I think I need a different blog, one under an assumed name so I can REALLY share how my week is going. For people who don’t know me and won’t judge me for stomping my foot and telling my husband that this is the worst day EVER cause he didn’t make me any lentils. My life is hard and I need to vent, obviously.

Blogging the truth will get you in trouble. Ask that teacher that’s been all over the news. The one who blogged about her students and got suspended. Man, if I were a teacher I could get some good material! Today I went to MP’s school and read with a couple of kids in her class. It really makes you wonder what goes on in 3rd grader’s brains. I’m listening to this sweet boy read the story of Peter Cottontail and he gets to a part that says, “he walked boldly toward,” and reads it “he walked to the bloody tower”. Uh, what? The Peter walked in front of his COFFIN, or cousin, whatever. Do young kids just read and think, “hmm. Bloody towers, bunnies, coffins – makes sense to me”?

Makes as much sense as anything else I guess. Like how JD’s computer could just DIE with no warning. We didn’t even know it was sick! Or how I could work all day and all night and STILL have more to do. Or how my dogs can leave so much hair on the floor and not be bald. Or how Demi Moore can look like this in a bikini at 48. Life is a mystery. But if you figure out that last one, let me know.

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