Lisa D.

I grew up around my cousins. Ginger, who you’ve seen here, and here, and here, is a cousin from my dad’s side of the family. On my MOM’S side, is Lisa D. She is one year older than me, but not any wiser that I could ever tell.


After graduation, we lost touch. This was back in the 80’s when MTV was our greatest invention, and home computers and Facebook were unheard of. I hadn’t seen her in ELEVEN years. Then my high school celebrated it’s 100 year anniversary and everyone within 600 miles came. We were finally ┬áin town at the same time! Do you know heavenly it is to start every conversation with, “Remember that time…”? I told her that she could catch up with my life on Zolligirl, cause you know, I’m from Zollicoffer. And she said, “Yeah, you don’t have to tell me. I get the reference.” SHE GETS ALL THE REFERENCES. She was there! Our parents would turn us out, and let us run all over the countryside – playing in creeks, making a clubhouse out of the shack in the neighbor’s backyard, just living in “the glory of the time” as Lisa called it. We spent the whole day catching up, and turns out she only lives two hours away.


Looking at this photo of us, friends reconnecting after all these years, I can’t help but think – “THANK the Lord for Photoshop. Those “glory of the time” days were frickin’ ages ago.

3 thoughts on “Lisa D.

  1. I am SO HAPPY to be back in touch with you. I do feel sad for the years apart. I wished that we lived in the same town, then we could hang out together. Maybe someday. btw: I appreciate photoshop myself, so could you put some eyelashes, eyebrows and bangs on that fourth grade picture of me. : )

  2. What do you mean “not wiser”, you don’t think that I’m wiser. : ) Well ok, I’m not, but I think it has to be a full year older to get the cousin that’s wiser deal. (You’ve got to start reading the fine print!) You missed that deal by 2 weeks.

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