Like, School is so not Cool, ya know?

MoonPie came home today with her spelling words – 26 words that she needs to know how to SPELL by tomorrow. I’m so glad she didn’t wait until the last minute. Despite not knowing how to spell 19 of the 26, she’s not worried.

“Mom, if I can squeeze out a 70, then it’s not failing.”

We have high standards here at the Tyre household obviously.

After the spelling issue, I thought I’d better take a look at her teachers website and see what else was happening tomorrow. Oh, nothing much. Except – bring items in a baggie to create your own float-able raft. Awesome. Luckily we live across from a WalMart and JD was able to create a perfectly good raft out of Styrofoam, toothpicks, straw and a piece of paper that says SS Asher. I think he’s TOTALLY going to rock 4th grade.

If he can spell “behavior” and 25 other words that is.

2 thoughts on “Like, School is so not Cool, ya know?

  1. Teachers did not have a website when you were in school. I would have loved it. You got away with a lot.

  2. No! Tell her she needs to study study study because if she gets into bad habits now, it will screw her over when she gets into high school and looking at colleges! Trust me…90s and up are the only adequate grades. Everything else is failing!

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