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JD and I support a local pregnancy center called Cobb Pregnancy Services. You might have seen the posts where I went to Dallas, Texas with a very Godly woman with some ungodly shoes. She’s the Director. I don’t think her job involves a lot of walking.

Anyway, they have two main fund-raising events each year, a walk and a banquet. Okay, they’re actually way more exciting than they sound. This past spring we went to the Walk for Life. Funny enough, I had just picked JD up from the airport from India. He was VERY excited about walking three miles after a 24 hour plane ride. Because I love him dearly, and I hate exercise of any kind, I opted to sit and eat Chick-fil-a biscuits with him while MoonPie represented us in the walk.

Her mouth is stuffed with Chick-fil-a too, but she ate hers walking.

JD and I are more excited about the next event on September 15th. Rick Santorum, who MAY announce a Presidential bid any day now is going to be our speaker. Who wouldn’t like to see a presidential candidate up close and personal? Okay, who WOULD like to see a presidential candidate up close and personal? It’s a free event and I’ve got a table to fill!

Anyone? Bueler? If it helps, Miley Cyrus really hates him, so you know he has to be good.

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