Lesson Learned.

Carolyn of the Coupon Cartel, Ashleigh the Niece and I went out to eat at a place called Jalepeno Joe’s. Just as we were getting ready to ask for the check, Jalepeno Joe HIMSELF, came to the table. He asked if we’d like to order their world-famous Alamo brownie, of which over 19,000 testimonials had been written.

img00002Being sophisticated consumers, we asked to SEE these 19,000 testimonials. So he brought 3 books to the table and began to read from them randomly. Things like, “I was on the road to hell, robbing banks, stealing cars, but then I had a bite of Joe’s Alamo brownie.” And –


“I woke up this morning hating my life. I said to myself, Self – I hate you, this is our last day together.” But then he ate the Alamo brownie and …well, you get the idea. Anyway, we thought this was HYSTERICAL. We were laughing like crazy and of course, we ordered the brownie, and wrote a testimonial.


Which I will not repeat here.

I had forgotten my camera so Carolyn used the one on her phone because we just HAD to document the whole story. It had BLOG written all over it because it was JUST SO DARN FUNNY. Then I got home and started actually writing about it, and hmmm, it really didn’t seem as hilarious in retrospect. Isn’t it odd how something can seem hysterical at the time, and then later, it’s just not?


It’s a mystery.

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