The bad news? My pool is full of tadpoles.

The good news?

I see a great Moron Test Kitchen coming. Hey, if we’re going to live like Hillbillies, we might as well eat like them.

5 thoughts on “Lemon/Lemonade

  1. You don’t know good eatin’! JD will be home today and I’ll be gone for the weekend. I’m sure when I get back the pool will be tadpole free and closer to blue. I’m trying not to think about the execution of the poor frogs.

  2. The HAMMER cometh! this is one of those things that you’d best not witness…..say goodbye to the critters…..

  3. I’m not sure a hammer is the best tool for this job. (although, that might explain the need for a new pool liner every couple of years)

    I would just go with a net.

  4. Wow. That is purty amazing. Your website and blog looks cool. Good luck on your quest to get to the conference. I’m just trying to survive the first few days of summer. Keep writing and cooking.

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