Lake What?


This is us ┬áLEAVING for Lake Winnepesaukah. It’s a old-school, amusement park with the world’s worst website. Seriously. I even wrote them a couple of years ago and offered to design one for FREE, but they declined my generous offer.

Anyway, it’s a quaint place, over 80 years old, with a wooden roller coaster, free parking and a policy that allows you to bring in your own food. What more could you want?

Since I am missing the adventure gene, I only went to document the event through photography. My husband gave me a quick lesson before we left. Here’s his shot of me.


Wow, I’ve never looked better! I think I’m ready.












It was a great day, as evidenced by my fine photography. If YOU would like me to go with your family to Lake Winnie to document the fun, I am available. I think I could be persuaded to go back for, oh I don’t know, $1000 dollars and a funnel cake?

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