Lake Allatoomuchfun!

If you ever wonder if your parents really loved you, just ask yourself one simple question – Did they ever take me camping? If the answer is yes, then you can rest assured that they loved you beyond what reason and basic common sense dictated.

Oh, guess what we did this weekend. Since school starts Monday, Team Tyre decided to wrestle one last full-filled weekend out of summer by piling all of our stuff in a borrowed SUV and heading to the lake. Moon will tell anyone that asks that the highlight of last year was her camping trip, a trip we’d been avoiding repeating because A) it’s 112 degrees outside and B) my butt muscle is still lying on the bottom of the lake from last year’s adventure. But we needed to do SOMETHING, so back to the lake we went.

Moon had one rule – no electronics. I know, right? Who is this kid and where have we failed?? We had to go old school – sunsets, grilling, reading books to each other. It was exhausting.

Our neighbors had no such “rules”. They drove up in their fancy RV, spent 10 minutes setting up their satellite dish, then disappeared into the air-conditioned interior to never be seen again. So sad.

We could have taught them a thing or two about roughing it. Like watching your dogs get so hot they puked inside the tent. On your bed. While you were sleeping on it. Apparently, camping isn’t for EVERY member of Team Tyre.

But Moon had a huge time. And for the FIRST TIME EVER, J.D. said he really liked having a boat! Boats are great for dads because it reinforces their role as the “fun” parent. Never has the difference between our personalities been more pronounced.

JD: I’m going to hit the waves so fast Moon, you’re going to fly completely out!

Me: Well, when those waves break my spine you’ll be feeding me through a tube for the rest of your life!

Which explains why I got left on shore with a book and the cooler for about three hours while they went ‘tubing. Come to think of it, my MOM always got left behind, too.

Moon had a blast as she tried skiing, tubing, and snorkeling every day until she fell into bed each night exhausted. All in all, it was a great way to end the summer.

It’s not, however, a great way to start a Monday.

P.S. Thanks, Mom. I love you too.

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  1. Just like I remember the fun – the only difference is we went about every weekend in the summer. I must have loved you kids a bunch.

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