Kittens, I Am Officially Old.

I had a wonderful birthday weekend which actually started on Thursday, when me and the Radicals went out for a birthday celebration. My friends Pam and Kathryn have birthdays in September also, so we thought we’d all go out to celebrate en masse which is French for “before we die”. Nothing says SEXY and VITAL like women bringing their own sombreros to a Mexican restaurant.

On Friday I treated myself to BRIDGE with my friend Patty. I stopped at the ATM to get some money and was so excited about playing that I sped off without my bank card for the 3rd time this year. Some people get a lot more excited about having cash on hand than others, apparently. Anyway, Patty and I came in FIRST in C which was worth all of ZERO points. Being the best of the worst is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Friday night, the family took me to Costco where we bought MoonPie new eyeglasses and ourselves a family dinner of 3 foot-long hotdogs AND 20 oz cokes for under 5 bucks! Which was a relief after the $300 dollars we spent on a certain young ladies High School Musical glasses. She looked at the nine dollar pair I tried to talk her into like they were made out of poop. As IF!

My birthday began with breakfast in bed, and then I spent the rest of the morning finishing another Jack Reacher novel, or as JD calls him, my pretend boyfriend. Of course he’s being silly because if I were going to have a pretend boyfriend it would be Mitch Rapp because Jack Reacher is way too tall for me. Not that I’ve given it much thought. After my book, I spent the next 7 hours watching the US Open. Go Djokavic! Perfect. Day.

It was a great birthday and I got lots of great messages on Facebook, gifts, phone calls, etc. My Aunt Nancy sent me a check and when I got it, I thought what I ALWAYS think. First, I have great Aunts. And second, REALLY? Do my nieces and nephews expect me to keep sending them money when they’re well into the FORTIES? They should know that my Aunt Nancy never had any children so she didn’t lose all hard earned money buying fancy musical-inspired eyeglasses.

Maybe I’ll buy them a Costco membership instead.

2 thoughts on “Kittens, I Am Officially Old.

  1. You mean to tell me she gives you money TOO? I thought I was special..
    Love you, I’m glad your birthday was good.

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