Kickin Butt and Taking Names

Today was a banner day in the Tyre household – Moon passed the CRCT! Thank the good Lord above. The test ruined my 5th grade experience, not to mention my wallet. We wanted to make sure Moon had every opportunity to do well, so we had a tutor 2 – 3 hours ever week. And I guess it paid off! Or, Moon would have passed anyway and we just wasted our money. Whateves. All I know is that 6th grade is in our future and 5th grade can suck it.We haven’t actually SEEN the grades, but her teacher told the class that everyone passed the math and reading portions so unless she’s a bald-face liar, we’re gold.

Also, I played bridge on Tuesday night and, wait for it…we won! First over all for over 1.13 points -impressive or what! Every time I win, I go to bed thinking what life would be like to be a bridge pro. So basically I don’t spend a lot of time thinking what life would be like to be a bridge pro.

And as if the last couple of days hasn’t been grand enough, the meeting I was supposed to have tonight got cancelled and I got to sit on the couch and watch the season finales of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal!

Tomorrow night I’m going to a friend’s house where he’s giving a class on financial management or something like that. I didn’t really pay attention but I assume he’s going to give us some money to practice with, so it seemed like a good idea. Moon is spending the night with her BFF, which is awesome, since I’m hoping to do some late night shopping and maybe a movie with my new funds.

That’s a pretty good life, I don’t care who you are.

2 thoughts on “Kickin Butt and Taking Names

  1. “Investing in a market where people believe in efficiency is like playing bridge with someone who has been told it doesn’t do any good to look at the cards.”
    – Warren Buffett

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