Let’s get this out of the way -I do NOT want to move to Harlan, Kentucky. I never really wanted to, but after watching approximately 16 hours of the FX show, Justified, I can definitely mark it off my list.

For years I’ve been hearing about the show, but because the early seasons weren’t on Netflix, I couldn’t watch them, and who wants to start in the middle? No one, amiright Kittens? But over Christmas I became an Amazon Prime member and the rest is history. There’s just so much to like about the show. Like –



Actor Timothy Olyphantand the HUMOR


and the COMMENTARY on the cultural implications of growing up in the poverty stricken Appalachian Mountains and trying to escape your past.


It’s really a BEAUTIFUL example of a well-written drama. I think I’ll go watch it now and make notes.



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  1. One of my favorite shows too bad it is the last season. I have missed commenting only a few days this year on your blog.

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